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Image Handling

We offer the following image handling services:

  • Image format conversion
  • Image rotation
  • Image cleanup/enhancement
  • Image trimming
  • Electronic image stapling
  • Image naming/renaming

Scanned Courthouse documents come to us in various formats and we convert them all to a standardized format required by the plant software indexing. The most common process being “electronic stapling” – where we staple the documents into a multipage tiff file and name the document by the Coiunty Clerk’s “Document ID” or by the “book_page”. This makes the document retrieval easy and lines up the documents for indexing in our indexing application.

Indexing partial or sovereignty Title Plants:

We index all the fields required for “Title Plant” indexing from the scanned and stapled documents into our own database. Then we export the images and the index into any existing “Title Plant” software of your choice.

Indexing solutions:

  • Index all the fields required for a Title Plant build
  • Index a partial set of fields to complete an existing “Title Plant
  • Index day forward images on a weekly basis to keep the Title Plant in compliance
  • Index plat maps

We have indexed more than Title plants all the way back to sovereignty since we started indexing in 1999. Prior to us starting a project we offer to staple and index 50 documents free of charge so that our clients can see our expertise in handling the project. This sample helps us understand the specification of the project completely and also helps the client understand the quality of our work and the index format that they will get back.

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