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GIS Solutions

Our GIS Services are provided through our strategic partner “Imersion GIS” - www.imersiongis.com. The GIS services offered through them are listed below with a brief description.

GIS Services:

  • GIS aided Tax/Appraisal Search
  • GIS aided Recent Real Estate sale Search
  • GIS aided Address Label Search
  • County Plat Maps

The objective of ImersionGIS® is to be a one stop shop for organizations and individuals looking for property related interactive mapping of subdivision, lot, block, survey boundaries, tax info on Google maps. We have built strong relationships with various entities within the state and county governments and private data aggregators to provide our customers a seamless repository of data that is searchable using attribute data and spatially.

1). GIS aided Tax/Appraisal Search:

We currently offer GIS based services in more than 20 Counties in TX and a few Counties in New Mexico and Arkansas. We are adding more Counties every month. The Tax/Appraisal information is compiled from the respective appraisal districts on a quarterly basis. The tax appraisal search can be done via any or all of the following parameters.

  • Account No.
  • County
  • Owner
  • Street Address
  • State
  • Zip Code

The search results are hyperlinked to the GIS map. So clicking on any account number will take you the map view to the zoomed in view of the selected parcel. A Basic or Detailed report can be generated based on the search parameters. Address labels for the search results are displayed in a PDF format and can be printed in a standard "Avery 8160 Label" format.

2). GIS enabled Recent Real Estate Sale Search:

  • We have all the residential and commercial sale data available from January of 2010 to current (2 to 3 weeks current).
  • Search can be conducted on Commercial or Residential sale separately.
  • The search results will only pick the parcels that have a sale recorded since January 2010.
  • A separate layer for Real Estate is available to show the residential or commercial sale on the map depicted by blue dots for residential sale and green dots for commercial sale.
  • Single or multiple parameter search is possible.
  • Detailed property report generation for a single parcel or multiple parcels.
  • Address label generation for single or multiple parcels.

3). GIS Aided Address Label Search:

  • Address labels can be generated via a search on the map or the search form.
  • Address labels are displayed in PDF format and are formatted to print on Avery 8160 labels.
  • The PDF file can be saved and printed later.
  • A Tax/Appraisal generated search selects all parcels/addresses in a search.
  • A Recent/Sale generated search will display all the parcels that have had a sale recorded since January 2010 to 3 weeks current.
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