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Image Handling

We offer the following image handling services:

  • Image format conversion
  • Image rotation
  • Image cleanup/enhancement
  • Image trimming
  • Electronic image stapling
  • Image naming/renaming

Scanned Courthouse documents come to us in various formats and we convert them all to a standardized format required by the plant software indexing. The most common process being “electronic stapling” – where we staple the documents into a multipage tiff file and name the document by the Coiunty Clerk’s “Document ID” or by “book_page”. This makes the document retrieval easy and lines up the documents for indexing in our indexing application.


We can redact Social Security numbers, Credit Card numbers and any other critical information from any document.

Data and Image extraction/merging from/to 3rd party Title Plant software

We can extract data and images from all the 3rd party title plant software available today. We can also convert the data that is extracted and merge it into a Title plant software of your choice. Please contact us to find out more information on specifics about how we can extract/merge data from the software you use or intend to use with the Title plant data.

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