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Indexing/Data Entry Solutions

Indexing is the process of tagging an image after scanning to a set of fields (data) in a database that links the image to the data. The image can be linked to the data with any set of fields.

We can index directly from the following media:

  • Indexing from the scanned legal documents.
  • Indexing from the scanned index cards.

We have handled projects with the following indexing requirements:

  • Indexing all the fields off scanned legal documents.
  • Indexing partial fields from scanned legal documents and merging these fields with an existing index.
  • Parsing data from the database provided by the Courthouse into the appropriate fields to match the client software.
  • OCR'ing data from printed Courthouse index and then dropping the same into a database.

Prior to indexing the documents we electronically staple the scanned images as per the County Clerks number or Instrument number.

We index in an ODBC database that allows you to import the images and the indexes into your existing software.


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