Success in the title industry is based on being more efficient, timely and accurate than competitors. These factors are realized through baseline behind the scenes processes and best practices.

New Title Plant Builds

Plants will be built to fit into your existing system or into the system of your choice. Hosting your own plant has its own advantages in that you control the data. Obtaining a data set is often only a starting point. We will build /enhance sovereignty plants or to fit your needs, naming standards and data platforms.

Title Plant Backfills

Backplant depth is essential to get the full picture of a title chain. We will build a plan to add to your depth, validate your data or fill any gaps in your backplant.

Title Plant Daily Posting

Documents are recorded every day. Let us post and index your day forward documents to keep your plant up to date and accurate.

Plat Indexing

Using a standard list of plats indexed to the various ways they are referred to in documents is essential. We can create anything from a standardized list for reference to base edits for greater accuracy.

Starter Indexing

Add efficiencies to your search team by indexing your old title commitments. Your team can start their searches from the commitment date and fill in the holes from what has transpired on the property since then.

Title Database Conversions

Some title plant databases are still maintained on very old platforms. Perhaps you are dependent on or acquired one of these. We can create a data map to convert your existing database for export or transfer to another platform.

Title Platform Consulting

Not sure what the best platform is for your title plant? We have relationships with many of the cutting edge title plant management platforms.

GIS Database Creation

Get more out of your data by converting it to shapefiles and transposing it to a searchable web based map.


Supporting Companies By Solving Indexing and Imaging Challenges.

Image Indexing

Some image archives or scanned documents may have made sense to the person that created them. You know they are valuable, but don’t have the time to make heads or tails of them. We can review each file to structure, create directories and indexes to assess their value.

Document Assembly

Many archives are created from microfilm, microfiche or other media where documents captured as single consecutive images. We will review each image and create a virtual staple to assemble, name and index to your requirements.

Document Classification

Do your documents need to be reviewed and assigned to a specific category or type? We can assign logical groupings or tags to your documents to make them more accessible and useful.

Numbering / Renaming

If you scan a book or inherit a set of randomly named files, we can review each and assign a volume /page or ImageID. While reviewing each we can rename, copy and move files to specific directory structures.


Need to hide or cover personal or private information on your documents? We can have human eyes review pages for redaction of text. Any color redaction can be used while preserving the unredacted version too.

Image Enhancement

Sometimes an image may have been digitally captured hastily or converted from other media. We can rotate, deskew, crop, separate into two and center to make the images more conducive to printing and viewing.


Reduce Your Overhead by Focusing on What You Do Best.

Data Entry Services

Use our team members and infrastructure to streamline your operation. Let us remove the stress of managing a team of data entry operators while you spend your time on your core operations. We customize the solution to fit your needs.


Make your digital documents searchable to get the most out them.

Data Conversion

We will convert your loose documents and files into a universal database ready for the EDM of your choice. We will even transcribe your handwritten documents.


Design a plan to protect the privacy of customers or individuals in your documents with sensitive information. Archive a full copy while creating a redacted version.


Our title industry experiences have led us to create custom solutions for ancillary industries that consume common data to the title industry such as energy, surveying, engineering, tax and mortgage. Let us apply our expertise to help you creatively solve your biggest challenges.


Tax Reports

Database Consulting

Custom Data Set Extractions